Runme is created by Jexia in cooperation with Digital Ocean to provide developers a new opportunity and experience to run applications.

As the name already implies: Runme makes it possible to build, deploy and launch an application with just one click.

So you can have a running application in a few minutes without the need to setup any environment. You just need to "Runme" and and after few minutes is your application running and can be tested. You can share your running application with clients, friends, colleagues, or even visitors of your Git repo. The application will run for 10 minutes and will be removed afterwards.


Runme is entirely free to use and will be open-source in the near future. We ❤ open-source and welcome everyone to contribute whether it's in the form of code, documentation, bug reports, feature requests, or anything else. We encourage you to experiment with the project and give us the feedback to make it better! (feel free to join us on discord)

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Runme!