How it works

RunMe is a service to run and demonstrate your application in one click.

scheme how it works

Step 1

When you click on Runme button we will clone your repo locally

Step 2

On step 2 we have several flows:

  1. if your repo has Dockerfile in root directory we will use it to build docker image;
  2. if you pass a path to already built docker image we will skip this step and just run your docker image;
  3. if points 1 and 2 are not applicable, we will use our default Dockerfile. Default Dockerfile will try to run your repository as NodeJS (v12.10) repository which has package.json with 3 main commands:
    npm install
    npm run build
    npm run start

Step 3

Then we push your repository to the build environment and start building. The local copy of your repository, that we have made, will be deleted.

Step 4

The build system pushes docker image to our docker registry.

Step 5

Kubernetes cluster placed in DigitalOcean will pull this docker image and deploy it. Also, Kubernetes will create Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your application.

Step 6

After deployment, Runme will get an event with result

Step 7

Runme will generate a unique URL for your application and create an "A record" for it. Then we will show you the result.


Runme will automatically remove applications after 10 minutes and clean up our cluster.

It is free.
Happy coding! :)